Looking to purchase Tellabs Titan 5500 boards 815543A-ST, 815543A-SC or even 815543A-FC. They may also be known as 81.5543A-ST, 81.5543A-SC or 81.5543A-FC.

The Titan 5500 is a high density Digital Cross Connect System, sometimes called a DACS.

Many of Tellabs’ optical networking assets were integrated into Coriant, and then Infinera.  So these circuit boards may also be referred to as Coriant or Infinera.

In particular we are searching for:

  • 815543A-ST, or 81.5543A-ST, SNCPTWN, OC-12 SR optical port
  • 815543A-SC, or 81.5543A-SC, SNCPTYN, OC-12 SR optical port
  • 815543A-FC, or 81.5543A-FC, SNCPTZN, OC-12 SR optical port

From time to time, we are also searching for other Tellabs boards.  Please let us know what you have available.

Tellabs Titan

Updated October 22, 2019

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