Looking to purchase Tellabs Titan 5500 boards 815543A-ST, 815543A-SC or even 815543A-FC.

The Titan 5500 is a high density Digital Cross Connect System, sometimes called a DACS.

Many of Tellabs’ optical networking assets were integrated into Coriant.  So these circuit boards may also be referred to as Coriant.

In particular we are searching for:

  • 815543A-ST, or 81.5543A-ST, SNCPTWN, OC-12 SR optical port
  • 815543A-SC, or 81.5543A-SC, SNCPTYN, OC-12 SR optical port
  • 815543A-FC, or 81.5543A-FC, SNCPTZN, OC-12 SR optical port

From time to time, we are also searching for other Tellabs boards.  Please let us know what you have available.

Tellabs Titan