Telecommunication Equipment for Telephone Companies, Cable TV Companies, Internet Service Providers. Pricing is typically a fraction of purchasing new directly from the manufacturer.

TruePulse carries Fujitsu Flashwave and Nortel Optera /Ciena equipment in-stock. We can often ship same-day to meet emergency requirements.

TruePulse provides a broad range of systems including voice switching (Class 5), data routers & switches, access (DLC), optical transport (DWDM, SONET ADMs, DCS), DSL, DSLAMs and CMTS.


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Part Number Manufacturer Description
FC9580GLL3-I02-GR3 Edge 4pt OC48c/STM16c SONET/SDH LR w/SC for GSR12000
FC9580GSL3-I02 Gig Ethernet EPORTS3 SR, 2prt, DoubleWidth, LC
FC9580JPR2 New, 10m Jumper Kit
FC9608M2L2-I02 FLM-2400 MS CHA LR2 FC
FC9682QMC1 40G Muxponder, IFMA-QMC1
FC9682SHU3-I03 Hybrid Shelf 23"
FC9682SHU3-I04 Hybrid Shelf 23"
FC9682U1C2 IFMA-1C2
FC9694F41-I05 FW4020 Chas w/OC-3
GE-SX/LH-SC 12000GSR Single Port GigE 800-03955-02
LNW67 Gigabit Ethernet
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TruePulse Blog

  • FC9682HSW1 and FC9682ULU1

    TruePulse would like to purchase FC9682HSW1 and FC9682ULU1 for the Fujitsu FLASHWAVE 7500 system. The FC9682HSW1, HECI code WMMYAHP, is a Heat Baffle for the …
  • NTK513GAE5 and NTK538BJ

    TruePulse would like to purchase NTK513GAE5 and NTK538BJ for the Ciena 6500. The NTK513GAE5, HECI code WMUIAKR, is an 16xOC-3/12 4×48 VT1.5/LO SFP for a …
  • 81.88X0-SCC and 81.88X0-SCC-2

    TruePulse is looking to purchase 81.88X0-SCC and 81.88X0-SCC-2 for the Tellabs 8860/8840. The 81.88X0-SCC, HECI code CNCMGS0, is a Tellabs 8860/8840 Switch & Control Card (SCC).  …
  • Cisco 2020Q1 Results

    About 8 hours ago, Cisco reported first quarter revenue (2020Q1) of $13.2 billion, net income on a generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) basis of $2.9 …
  • 325B-Rev-B and PWP74

    TruePulse is looking for Pulse Communications 325B-Rev-B and Lucent PWP74 for the Lucent SLC-96.  The PulseCom 325B may alternately be known as the Hubbell 325B.  …