TruePulse is looking to purchase Fujitsu FC9511MMS1, FC9511MSF1 and FC9511C8T1 cards.  These are part of Fujitsu’s Lightwave Add/Drop Shuttle OC-192 SONET Transport Advanced Multiplexor platform, also known as their FLASH-192 optical transport platform.

The FC9511MMS1 is a Fujitsu FLASH-192 Muldem Interface.  It has a HECI code: SNCBVATAAA

The FC9511MSF1 is a Fujitsu FLASH-192 MSX1 unit.  It has a HECI code: SN96RXJBAB

The FC9511C8T1 is a Fujitsu FLASH-192 OC-48 Tributary card.  It has a HECI code: SNI350JHAB

For other Fujitsu FLASH-192 boards of interest see here and here

TruePulse buys and sells other Fujitsu optical platforms too, such as the Fujitsu FlashWave 4500 and the Fujitsu FlashWave 9500