We have received several NTCA26CA modules for the Nortel Optera Connect DX platform.  These NTCA26CA have HECI code WMIUU40.

The NTCA26CA DX140 switch module supports 140 Gb/s module.  This compares to the NTCA26BA or DX100, and NTCA26AA or DX65 module.

Although Nortel went bankrupt in 2009 http://www.truepulse.com/nortel-reaches-bankruptcy-settlement/ with their optical assets being sold to Ciena http://www.ciena.com/, many customers are still running legacy Nortel OC-192 systems.  TruePulse still carries inventory of many Nortel OC-192 modules, and is actively purchasing select wavelengths.

Some of the modules currently in stock include the AM2 Transmit/Receive modules: NTCA06MP, NTCA06VP, NTCA06EP, NTCA06KP, NTCA06FP, NTCA06XP, NTCA06GP, NTCA06LP, NTCA06NP, NTCA06UP, NTCA06PP, NTCA06PP, NTCA06JP, NTCA06QP, NTCA06WP, NTCA06RP and NTCA06YP.

Please let us know if you are looking to buy or sell NTCA26CA or other Nortel Optera modules.


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