Looking to purchase SM265B and SM267B boards.  These are switching modules used in the 5ESS, a Class 5 switch develop by AT&T in the 1980s!  Subsequently sold under Lucent, Alcatel-Lucent, and conceivably even Nokia brands.  Yes, people still have some Class 5 switches in deployment.

SM265B has a HECI LMPQ04A, and comes with various Comcode options.  SM267B has a HECI LMPQ04U, and also comes with various Comcode options.

Limited information is available at https://support.alcatel-lucent.com/portal/web/support/product-result?productId=5ESS&entryId=1-0000000000359

Some people may know the 5ESS as the 9281 PS or 9281 Packet Switch.

If you have any SM265B or SM267B, other SM boards, other 5ESS boards, or even 4ESS boards please let me know.  We are looking to buy.

Updated August 4, 2020

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