TruePulse is looking to purchase Ciena 130-0027-930 and Ciena 130-0201-930 cards.  They are part of Ciena’s legacy CoreStream long-haul DWDM transport system.

The 130-0027-930, HECI code LGF3ZAA, is a Multiwave Receiver Module.

The 130-0201-930, HECI code LGAP518, is a Multiwave DL Amplifier module.

The CoreStream is a long-haul DWDM transport system.  Some features include:

  • GbE and 10-GbE support, for high-performance data backbones, CoreStream’s Gigabit Ethernet capabilities enable direct connection to client ports at full GbE and 10-GbE rates.
  • Tunable transceivers to reduce network capital and operating costs by streamlining laser hardware, simplifying management with remote dynamic provisioning, and lowering maintenance and sparing requirements.
  • Integrated line amplifiers can act as a single amplifier for all applications, reducing the number of circuit packs to maintain and spare. The amplifiers also supports transient suppression, a technique that allows the system to recover more quickly in the event of a transient caused by a fiber cut or network failure.

In addition to the 130-0027-930 and 130-0201-930, we are searching for other Ciena CoreStream modules too.  We are also searching for boards for other Ciena platforms, including the CoreDirector, the CN4200 and the Z-Series.  Please let us know what you may have.


Updated November 12, 2020

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