TruePulse would like to purchase 130-0210-930 and 130-0523-930 for the Ciena CoreStream, or alternately known as the MultiWave Sentry 1600.

The 130-0210-930, HECI code LGAPN1B, is a Ciena MultiWave ADM (Add/Drop Mux) Amplifier.

The 130-0523-930 ISS2, HECI code LGF32LL, is a Ciena  MultiWave 2.5G Transmitter, 100GHz, PM, 192.70 THz.

The Ciena CoreStream product is a high-capacity, optical transmission system which enables aggregate transmission capacities up to 40 Gigabits per second (40 Gb/s) over existing fiber facilities.  Sixteen discrete channels can transmit over one fiber.  Each channel is bit-rate transparent from 150 Mb/s to 2.4 Gb/s and operates with existing SONET/SDH/Asynchronous fiber optic terminals.

The system also incorporates optical line amplifiers to extend the transmission range. Designed specifically for DWDM, the amplifier is capable of amplifying the system’s entire 16 channel, 40 Gb/s capacity.  Two optical service channel modems enable access to local network management data and all the elements of the MultiWave system.  

In addition to the 130-0210-930 and 130-0523-930, we are interested in other Ciena MultiWave modules.  Furthermore, we are interested in many modules for Ciena optical transport platforms, such as the 6500, the CoreDirector, the Optera Connect DX and the Optera Metro 5100/5200.

Ciena CoreStream module
Ciena MultiWave 1600 Sentry Module

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