TruePulse is looking to purchase Ciena 130-6441-900 and Ciena 130-6445-900 cards.  They are part of Ciena’s legacy CoreStream long-haul DWDM transport system.

The 130-6441-900, HECI code WMOMAMH, is a G.709 MUXCVR, Band 1

The 130-6445-900, HECI code WMOMAMM, is a G.709 MUXCVR, Band 5

Other Ciena CoreStream modules that we are searching for:

130-6442-900:  G.709 MUXCVR, Band 2

130-6443-900:  G.709 MUXCVR, Band 3

130-6444-900:  G.709 MUXCVR, Band 4

130-6446-900:  G.709 MUXCVR, Band 6

130-6447-900:  G.709 MUXCVR, Band 7

130-6448-900:  G.709 MUXCVR, Band 8

As there is no information available on Ciena’s website on the CoreStream long-haul DWDM transport system, I believe the platform is no longer supported.

In addition to Ciena’s Corestream platform, we are searching for boards for other Ciena platforms, including OM3500, OM 6500, and the CNX-5.

Please let us know what you have available.

Ciena CoreDirector 134-0106-950

Updated May 19, 2020

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