TruePulse would like to purchase 130-6451-900 and 130-8925-900 circuit packs for the Ciena CoreStream long-haul optical transport platform, or alternately known as the MultiWave Sentry 1600.

The 130-6451-900, HECI code WMOMAMU, is a 4-port G.709 MUXCVR for transparent transport of services over optical wavelengths.

The 130-8925-900, HECI code WMD9DRJ, is a CORESTEAM COMBR DMXR MODULE.  You may also be familiar with the alternate part number 202004197A.

The CoreStream long-haul optical transport platform features include 1- and 10-Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) support, tunable transceivers, and next-generation integrated line amplifiers (ILAs).

Designed for high-performance data backbones, CoreStream’s Gigabit Ethernet capabilities enable direct connection to client ports at GbE and 10-GbE rates. Interconnecting core routers across long-haul and ultra long-haul distances with CoreStream can reduce costs between point-to-point router ports by replacing TDM interfaces with GbE interfaces.

CoreStream’s transceivers incorporate tunable lasers to reduce network capital and operating costs by streamlining laser hardware, simplifying management with remote dynamic provisioning, and lowering maintenance and sparing requirements.

The CoreStream integrated line amplifiers create cost savings as a single amplifier for all applications, reducing the number of circuit packs to maintain and spare. The amplifiers also supports transient suppression, a technique that allows the system to recover more quickly in the event of a transient caused by a fiber cut or network failure.

In addition to the 130-6451-900 and 130-8925-900, we are interested in other Ciena MultiWave modules.  Furthermore, we are interested in many modules for Ciena optical transport platforms, such as the Optera Connect DX, the 6500, the OM 5100 / 5200 and the DN4100.


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