TruePulse is looking for 134-0004-980 and 134-0029-951 modules for the Ciena CoreDirector platform, also known as the Ciena 5400.

We are currently looking for:

The 134-0004-980, HECI code WOCUAKM is a CoreDirector Control Module with 1 GHz processor.  The model number is CM-C.  You can configure with up to two of the same type per system. It is recommended that stock the same flavour of CM for spares. The 134-0004-980 requires software release 6.1.x or higher. 

The 134-0029-951, HECI code WMI2HHV, is a CoreDirector OC-48 Line Module, model number LM-8-XT-A. The Line Module provides a physical platform and electrical interconnection for up to eight 155/622M or 2.5G Optical Modules. It supports OM155/622-1310-MS-A, OM2.5G-1310-SS-A, OM2.5G-1310-SL-A, OM2.5G-1310-ML-A, OM2.5G-1310-L1L-A, and OM2.5G-1310-L2L-A.  It also performs SONET/SDH framing, alarms detection, and performance monitoring; SONET/SDH pointer processing, demultiplexing, and time slot assignment; and Optical module configuration and control.

The 5400 Switch delivers a wide range of optical OTN, SONET/SDH, and Ethernet services combined with a wide variety of protection capabilities. The 5400 Switch consists of intelligent Optical-Electrical-Optical (OEO) switches with a control plane equipped with a 3-stage, non-blocking, uni- and/or bidirectional switching fabric capable of switching at the ODU0 to ODU3, STS1/VC-3, and packet level from any input port to any other output port.

In addition to the 134-0004-980 and 134-0029-951, we are interested in other Ciena CoreDirector modules too.  We are also looking for modules from other Ciena platforms, such as the 6500, the DN 7200, the S/DMS TransportNode OC-48 NE and the CoreStream.  Please send us a list of Ciena equipment that you may have available!


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