TruePulse is looking for 134-5531-900 and 134-5450-900 modules for the Ciena CoreDirector platform, also known as the Ciena 5400.

We are currently looking for:

The 134-5531-900, HECI codes IPU3BBD or IPU3BBE, is a CoreDirector OSLM-5-100G, 100G CFP2 Line Module

The 134-5450-900 is a CoreDirector TSLM-12, Rev B Line Module

The 5400 Switch delivers a wide range of optical OTN, SONET/SDH, and Ethernet services combined with a wide variety of protection capabilities. The 5400 Switch consists of intelligent Optical-Electrical-Optical (OEO) switches with a state of the art control plane equipped with a three stage, non-blocking, uni- and/or bidirectional switching fabric capable of switching at the ODU0 to ODU3, STS1/VC-3, and packet level from any input port to any other output port.

The 5400 Switch supports OTU1, OTU2, OTU3, OC-3/STM-1, OC-12/STM-4, OC-48/STM-16, OC- 192/STM-64, OC-768/STM-256, GbE, and 10GbE interfaces to provide up to 3.6 Tbps of switching capacity in the 5430 Switch and up to 1.2 Tbps switching capacity in the 5410 Switch.

In addition to the 134-5531-900 and 134-5450-900, we are interested in other Ciena CoreDirector modules too.  We are also looking for modules from other Ciena platforms, such as the 6500, the CoreStream and the S/DMS TransportNode OC-48 NE.  Please send us a list of Ciena equipment that you may have available!

Ciena CoreDirector 134-0106-950

Updated November 10, 2020

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