TruePulse is looking for Ciena 162-0060-900 and 162-0061-900 modules for the DN 7200.

  • The Ciena 162-0060-900, HECI code IPEQAAF, is a DN 7200 Node Controller Module
  • The Ciena 162-0061-900, HECI code IPEQAAG, is a DN 7200 Central Switching Module

The DN 7200 was one of the platforms that Ciena obtained through their acquisition of WaveSmith Networks in 2003.  Hence you may be familiar with these parts under the WaveSmith brand.

The DN 7200 supports Ethernet, IP/MPLS, ATM, Frame Relay, and TDM aggregation and switching on a single platform.  The three models of the DN 7000 series share common hardware and software, decreasing sparing requirements and simplifying system operation and management. Through software-only configuration and dual control planes (MPLS and/or ATM), the series’ multiservice interfaces can be independently provisioned to run in Ethernet, IP/MPLS, and/or ATM modes. The DN 7000 series supports a wide variety of interface types that scale from DS0 to OC-48/STM-16 as well as 10/100 and Gigabit Ethernet speeds.

In addition to the 162-0060-900 and 162-0061-900 modules, TruePulse is also interested in other circuit boards for other Ciena platforms, including the DN4100, the CoreStream, the OM6500 and the Connect DX.


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