TruePulse is searching for 300-0308-900 and 300-1508-907 circuit boards for the Alcatel DEXCS system.  Alternately, you may know them as the DSC 300-0308-900 and DSC 300-1508-907, Alcatel-Lucent 300-0308-900 and Alcatel-Lucent 300-1508-907, or the Telmar 300-0308-900 and Telmar 300-1508-907.

The 300-0308-900, HECI code T1DAX21, is a SRL I/O for a DEXCS Cross-Connect.

The 300-1508-907, HECI code T1UCAAJ, is an Optical Memory Card for a DEXCS1 Cross-Connect.

DSC, the original creator of the DEXCS Cross-Connect, was purchased by Alcatel, later merged into Alcatel-Lucent, and eventually purchased by Nokia.

The DEXCS Digital Cross-Connect (DAX) is a fully-featured 3/1/0 SONET cross-connect switch.   It provides scaleable growth to large-scale narrow-band cross-connects, and also provides the unique capability to bridge between the traditional telephony network and the cell based data networks (frame relay and ATM). The DEXCS can be configured as a Narrowband 1/0 (DS1 input, DS0 cross-connect), Wideband 3/1 (DEX-ECS1/3 DS1 & DS3 input, DS1 cross-connect) or Broadband 3/3/fiber (DS3 & fiber optic input, DS3 cross-connect). The Narrowband can be configured as a CS1S (CS1 small) with 84 DS1’s, CS1 (medium) with 336 DS1’s, CS1L (CS1 large) with 1544 DS1’s and a CS1VL (CS1 very large) with 5376 DS1’s.

In addition to the 300-0308-900 and 300-1508-907, we are looking for other DEXCS Cross-Connect modules.  TruePulse is also searching for modules for other Alcatel-Lucent platforms, such as the WaveStar OLS 400G, WaveStar DACS IV and the 7270 Mainstreet.  Please send us your list of surplus Central Office telecom gear.


Updated April 21, 2020

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