TruePulse would like to purchase DSC iMTN 300-0889-902 and 300-0889-905 circuit boards.  You may also be familiar with the as the Alcatel 300-0889-902 and 300-0889-905.

The 300-0889-902-REV-E, HECI code SNPQB10, is a DSC iMTN Microprocessor System 4.

The 300-0889-905-REV-E, HECI code SOUCAU2, is a DSC 85MHz Microprocessor System.

The iMTN, or Integrated Multi-Rate Transport Node, was originally developed by DSC, which was purchased by Alcatel, which merged with Lucent to create Alcatel-Lucent, which was most recently sold to Nokia.  So you may conceivably have them in your inventory under any of those manufacturers.  The iMTN, with its 1993-vintage technology, has long been manufacturing discontinued.  Have any of you tried to phone up Nokia for technical support?

The iTMN is a digital cross-connect (DCS) supporting both asynchronous and synchronous bandwidth at multiple rates.  It was intended to facilitate the transition to ATM.

In addition to the Alcatel IMTN 300-0889-902 and 300-0889-905, we are also looking for circuit packs to other many other SONET cross-connects including the Lucent DACS II, Lucent DACS IV, Alcatel DEXCS and the Tellabs Titan 5500.


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