TruePulse is looking for Pulse Communications 325B-Rev-B and Lucent PWP74 for the Lucent SLC-96.  The PulseCom 325B may alternately be known as the Hubbell 325B.  The Lucent PWP74 may alternately be known as the AT&T PWP74.

The Pulse Communications 325B-REV-B, HECI code D4PBCWK, is a D4 Power Conversion Unit for a SLC-96.

The Lucent PWP74, HECI code S9CPX00, is a D4 Power Conversion Unit for a SLC-96.

The SLC-96, or Subscriber Loop Carrier System 96, carrier system was developed to bring digital capability to the local loop network.  The SLC-96 supports 96 customers.  It uses two unique channel banks: one located in the central office to interface to the local switching machine, and the other located remotely in the vicinity of a group of subscribers. The SLC 96 carrier can provide, through the use of different channel units, message telephone service, coin service, special services, and data services. For digital transmission, it interfaces to standard Tl lines or optical fibers. The design is patterned after the D4 channel bank, and many of D4 carrier’s channel units can be used in the SLC 96 carrier system.

TruePulse buys and sells carrier-class telecommunications equipment, including modules for other subscriber loop carrier systems such as the Lucent SLC-5 and the Lucent Stinger.

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Updated April 28, 2020

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