Looking for 739B5 and 739C5.  The 739B5, HECI SNRT7E0 (and multiple Comcodes) is a FT-2000 OC-48 Transmitter.  The 739C5, HECI SNRT700 (and multiple Comcodes) is also a FT-2000 Transmitter.

The 739B5 and 739C5 are part of the FT-2000 OC-48 Lightwave System, an ADR Multiplexer.  The system can support BLSR or UPSR SONET ring protection.  The systems may also be known as AT&T FT-2000, Lucent FT-2000, Alcatel-Lucent FT-2000 or even the Nokia FT-2000.

The FT-2000 is a real work horse, with many systems in operation for 20 years.  And I am confident that many will still be in operation in another 20!  The FT-2000 has been manufacturing discontinued with limited support available, https://support.alcatel-lucent.com/portal/web/support/product-result?entryId=1-0000000000351.

Other FT-2000 modules that we are looking for:

  • 39B2 SNPQAVE  FT-2000 SONET Regenerator
  • 39J2 SNTRFDE  FT-2000 SONET Regenerator
  • 739B2 SNRTEEC FT-2000 Transmitter
  • 739J2 SNRTEDC  FT-2000 Transmitter
  • 739J5 SN1TM78 FT-2000 Transmitter
  • 839B2 SNRTNNL  FT-2000 Receiver

Please let us know if you have these, or other FT-2000 modules available.

Lucent FT-2000 739C5 Transmitter

Updated July 30, 2020

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