Any chance that you have a few superfluous Tellabs Titan 5500 81.55294R5 or 82.5534A?  It is possible that you may be familiar with them as Coriant 81.55294R5 or 82.5534A, or Infinera 81.55294R5 or 82.5534A.

The 82.5534A-REV-C, HECI code T3PUFKB and 82.5534A-REV-D, HECI code T3PUFKD, are Tellabs Titan 5500 PSAC, or Power Supply Administrative Complex.  The 5534 PSAC provides filtered, regulated power from a -48V office battery source (for example, breaker A and breaker B) to all of the equipment contained in the AC shelf. Two modules are included and share the load equally. In the event of failure, the remaining module carries the entire load alone. The 82.5534A PSAC provides test jacks on the front panel.

The 81.55294R5, HECI code T3C4EGB, is a Tellabs Titan 5500 Optical Port Mapping Module.

The Titan 5500/S is a digital cross-connect system (DCS) based on a five-stage switch network for nonblocking functionality up to its maximum size.  Titan 5500/S systems can be deployed in most locations within the public network to terminate OC-12, OC-3, EC1 (STS-1E), DS3, and DS1 facilities and cross-connect at the STS3C, STS1 SPE, DS3, VT1.5, E1 CST, and DS1 rates. These systems can also be used in the electronic digital signal cross-connect (EDSX) role to support 1/1 and 3/3 connections and 3/1 drop-and-insert multiplexing. The system can be controlled remotely via communication with network management systems. The compact size of the TITAN 5500S allows it to be located in a small office where it can be used to groom traffic from several access rings, and an expanded TITAN 5500 system may be located in the largest central office where it can be used to groom traffic to and from broadband interoffice facilities.

I do not believe that Infinera is still supporting the Titan 5500.

In addition to the 81.55294R5 or 82.5534A, we are very interested in other Titan 5500 modules.  Furthermore, we are seeking modules for many other Tellabs platforms, including the 8860/8840, the 7100 and the 7100N.

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Updated November 10, 2020

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