TruePulse is seeking to purchase 822029-546A-001R and 822029-546A-002 for the Siemens-Nixdorf DCO.

The 822029-546A-001R, HECI code EGPQVTE, is a DCO MSG COMM CONTROLLER

The 822029-546A-002, HECI code EGPQTKB, is also a DCO MSG COMM CONTROLLER

The Siemens-Nixdorf DCO, or Digital Central Office switching system is a local switching exchange designed to serve the small-to-medium size markets as well as offer a low-cost solution for Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs). It is commonly referred to as Class 5 Voice Switch.  The DCO provides local service for Independent Operating Companies (IOC) across the U.S. and Canada.  The DCO came as DCO-SE (Digital Central Office – Small Exchange) for Line Side Central Office operation and the DCO-CS (DCO-Carrier Switch) for Long Distance Services. 

The DCO provides a range of features such as Custom Calling, Centrex, CLASS and ISDN.  It also offers a wide range of unattended remotes that can be located near business subscribers.  The DCO has also implemented the Application Peripheral that supports a wide variety of Internet-enhanced services. Release 24 was the last software release issued for the DCO.

The DCO electronic telephone switch was introduced in 1977 by Stromberg-Carlson.  The product line was acquired by Siemens, put into the Siemens-Nixdorf joint venture, and eventually sold to Genband.  Genband was in turn sold to Ribbon Communications. No one wants to support DCO any more!  Hence, our customers have a need for certain decommissioned DCO circuit packs. 

In addition to the 822029-546A-001R and 822029-546A-002, TruePulse is interested in other Siemens-Nixdorf DCO circuit boards.  In fact, we are interested in circuit boards for other legacy voice switching systems too including the DMS-100, Lucent 5ESS, the GTE GTD-5 and the Ericsson VSE

At TruePulse we believe that it is important to help the environment through the simple strategy to “recycle – reduce – reuse”.  By selling your decommissioned telecom circuit boards to TruePulse, we are working together to achieve that result.  Thank you!


Updated March 20, 2022

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