ADVA Optical Networking launched its new ConnectGuard™ solution. Engineered specifically to provide the most advanced data protection possible, ConnectGuard™ presents service providers and enterprises with unique solutions to secure their connectivity networks. ConnectGuard™ is available in two distinct variants. Firstly, ConnectGuard Optical for the ADVA FSP 3000 provides robust transport layer security and is ideal for data center interconnection applications that need advanced protection for the transportation of enormous data volumes. Secondly, ConnectGuard Ethernet for the ADVA FSP 150 delivers Ethernet layer security and is critical for protecting data as it travels across third-party packet networks.

I did a project on computer/network security in university over 30 years ago.  The technology has changed dramatically since then, but the issue remains as pertinent as ever.  And with the Edward Snowden revelations about the extent of US Government eavesdropping, network security has moved right to the top of list of issues faced by telecommunication providers CTOs.

“Today’s networks are more vulnerable than ever before. The frequency of attacks has never been higher and the ease of data interception has never been simpler,” said Christoph Glingener, CTO, ADVA Optical Networking. “As more and more mission-critical data moves to the cloud, it’s vital that service providers and enterprises reassess their network security strategies. Network-wide security is no small task and ensuring that your data is safe every step of its journey requires a fundamental shift in security processes. That’s why we’re introducing ConnectGuard to the industry. This is a solution that provides the most comprehensive data security possible. By encrypting data in motion we’re providing the strongest protection possible. Make no mistake, ConnectGuard is a line in the sand for network protection.”

For details on the ADVA announcement, refer to:

ADVA FSP 3000 to support ConnectGuard™ Optical

ADVA FSP 3000 to support ConnectGuard™ Optical

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