TruePulse is looking for AnyMedia LPA810 circuit boards.  You may also be familiar with them under different branding, including Alcatel-Lucent LPA810 or Nokia LPA810.

Sometimes abbreviated as AMAS, the AnyMedia Access System was one of the many family of Lucent access system.

The LPA810, HECI code SLL3Z90, Comcode 108725854, is an AnyMedia POTS & ADSL Application Pack P32A8 circuit board.  

The LPA810 AP, function code P32A8, combines POTS and ADSL (both full-rate and lite) functions on the initial eight pairs, and just POTS service on the other 24 pairs. With lines 1 to 8, both the POTS and ADSL signals are bridged on the pack onto a tip/ring pair for each subscriber line. The POTS and ADSL ability removes the need to route the tip/ring pair from a separate POTS AP into an ADSL AP. The LPA810 includes the splitter function for each line. The correspondence of ADSL circuit to POTS circuit is fixed; i.e., ADSL circuit 1 always corresponds with POTS circuit 1, ADSL circuit 2 always corresponds with POTS circuit 2, etc.  Pairs 9 through 32 supplies 24 two-wire loop start current feed services.

The AnyMedia Access System product line is no longer supported by Nokia.

In addition to the LPA810, TruePulse is interested in other AnyMedia modules. We are also looking for modules to other access systems, including the Lucent SLC-96, Alcatel Litespan-2000, Alcatel ASAM 7300, the SLC-5 and the Lucent Stinger.


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