Black Friday door-crasher specials on NTCA01EK and NTCA01PK for the Nortel Connect DX optical platform.  Prices so low, you must stop by or phone to get them!

The NTCA01EK, HECI code SNT3F61, is an OC-192/STM64 Transmitter 1530.33nm +/-.  You may also be familiar with it as a Ciena NTCA01EK.

The NTCA01PK, HECI code SNT5MFD, is an OC-192/STM64 Transmitter 1536.61nm +/-.  You may also be familiar with it as a Ciena NTCA01PK.

The following three circuits support the OC-192 DWDM transmit interface on the NTCA01’s:

• the electro-optical controller (EOC)

• the transport control subsystem (TCS)

• the point-of-use power supply (PUPS)

The EOC controls the operation of both the electro-optical module and multiplexer driver.

The TCS controls the operation of the OC-192 DWDM transmit interface. The TCS provides communication between the shelf controller and the OC-192 DWDM transmit interface. The TCS also generates alarms and activates the LEDs on the circuit pack faceplate.

The PUPS generates all the voltages required by the OC-192 DWDM transmit interface.

In addition to the NTCA01EK and NTCA01PK, TruePulse stocks (and is interested in purchasing) other wavelengths for the Connect DX too.  Furthermore, we trade in modules to many other platforms such as the GTE GTD-5 EAX, Calix C7, Fujitsu FLASH-192 and the Lucent WaveStar OLS 40G.  Please let us know about any decommissioned Central Office equipment that you have available.


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