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Yes, this is a gripe blog entry. And to get to the end, BlackBerry is finished as a company. Never purchase one of their products, unless you are really stupid.

Here is my story. Due to some recent computer problems, I was forced to purchase a new one with a new version of Microsoft Outlook 2013. One of the first things that I did was download my new release of BlackBerry Link software to my computer, and try to synchronize my contact database with my BlackBerry Q10.

Although the synchronization says that it worked successfully, most of my contacts did not transfer. I called up my wireless service provider for assistance. They tried and soon connected me to a second tier technical support. They remotely took over my PC and spent two evenings trying to get the synchronization to work, and finally gave up. They suggested that I contact BlackBerry directly.

At , they refer to a Incidence-based support service that costs end-users US$49. Fair enough. So I call. To begin with, while I was on hold and listening to elevator music, I was also forced to listen to another telephone conversation! And that other conversation could hear me too! When I finally got through to the Customer Service Rep (in a call centre somewhere in the Philippines or India), I requested that he phone me back so that we did not have to listen to the other conversation during our service call. That option was not possible. So we had four people in two different conversations on the line.

After I explained my problem to the customer service rep, he said that even if I pay my US$49, they no longer supported the Q10. This was a phone that I purchased less than 2.5 years ago! He suggested that if I call back my service provider, they would help me.

Here is my bottom line: BlackBerry has lost me as a customer forever. I will continue to tell this story for as long as people are willing to listen. Do not buy a BlackBerry.

To give you some context, I have been a loyal BlackBerry/RIM/Research in Motion customer until now. I was one of those people that choose to wait a year to buy my BB Q10, rather than purchase another phone. Big mistake! Don’t make the same mistake yourself.

So Apple iPhone 6 or Android?

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