TruePulse is seeking to acquire BMR7 and TN1077D for the Lucent 5ESS.

The BMR7, HECI code E5PQA35, Comcode 109136168, is a Lucent 5ESS Power DOG.  You may also be familiar with it as an AT&T BMR7, an Alcatel-Lucent BMR7 or a Nokia BMR7.

The TN1077D, HECI code E5PQ51M, Comcodes 106456155 and 108236738, is a Lucent 5ESS Dual Link Interface for MCTU2.  The TN1077D (as opposed to the similar TN1077, TN1077B, TN1077C, TN1077E and 1077F) was developed to meet CISPR 22 (EMC) requirements. CISPR 22 is a standard for electromagnetic compatibility used in Europe. CISPR 22 is maintained by the International Special Committee on Radio Interference.  You may also be familiar with it as an AT&T TN1077D, an Alcatel-Lucent TN1077D or a Nokia 1077D

The MCTU2 refers to the 5ESS Modular Controller and Time Slot Interchange Unit Model 2.

The 5ESS is a Class 5 voice switch.  The 5ESS-2000 switch is a digital switch with distributed processing. Distributed processing means that multiple processors handle all call processing functions. Many processors are distributed throughout the system supported by a central processor. These distributed processors handle second-to-second decisions that must be made to process a call. Call processing, self-maintenance, and testing are performed independently in each module. Processors communicate with each other via an internal digital network that links the module together.

In addition to the BMR7 and TN1077D, TruePulse is searching for other Lucent 5ESS boards as well.  We are also interested in boards for other Lucent platforms, such as the FT-2000, the Metropolis DMX, the WaveStar OLS 40G or the DEXCS.   Please let us know what you may have available.

Lucent 5ESS

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