Ottawa and Boston-based optical systems vendor BTI Systems says it set a revenue record in 2014. As the firm is privately held, they did not reveal actual revenue figures.  Bookings were up 28% in Q4 2014 versus 3Q13 and revenue up 18%.  The company said 2014 sales rose in part thanks to a near tripling of metro cloud customers in the past two years. Metro cloud revenue accounted for nearly half of all revenue in 2014, the company estimated.

BTI believes that the strong industry trends towards cloud computing and metro area networking well positions their new products, including the BTI 7802 Series.  This new converged metro networking platform for metro and regional networks gives service providers high-capacity wavelength services in a compact Software Defined Network (SDN) -enabled two-slot design, including upgrade options for MPLS Label Switch Routing, ROADM-on-a-blade and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV).

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TruePulse stocks a wide range of surplus and used BTI equipment.  Please call for pricing and availability. Current inventory includes:

BP1A33BB 4CMD, 4-ch CWDM Mux/Demux ch5-8
BP1A36AB-01 2 Channel DWDM / OADM CH. 1&2
BP1A36AB-03 2 Channel DWDM / OADM CH. 3&4
BP1A36AB-05 2 Channel DWDM / OADM CH. 5&6
BP1A36AB-07 2 Channel DWDM / OADM CH. 7&8
BP1A43AA 2.5G Sonet/SDH Wavelength Manager
BP1A46AB-03 2  Channel dwdm/oadm ch3&4
BP1A55AA Filler, Single width
BP3AM4CL-03 XFP, 9.9GBs, CWDM CH3, 1571nm
BP3AM4DL-01 XFP, 9.9GBs, CWDM CH3, 1559.79nm
BP3AM1CL #4 1551nm
BP3AM1DE 1558.98nm
BT7A20CA 7060 System control processor
BT7A20CA-7.1 7060 System control processor
BT7A20CA-7.2 Dual 10G Transponder
BT7A20CA-7.3 7060 System control processor
BT7A48AA 10 Port 10g Multi Protocol MUXPONDER-Sonet
BT7A52DA 7060 Cooling Unit
BT7A53BA 7060 Main Shelf Interface
BT7A54BA 7060 Expansion Shelf Interface
BT7A5671 Cover Plate

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