Access equipment vendor Calix, Inc. introduced the AXOS E3-2 Intelligent PON Node, designed to collapse access and service edge functions into a distributed network architecture.  It combines access and service edge functions into a distributed network architecture moving equipment and intelligence closer to the users.  Calix claims this platform eliminates up to 80 percent of headend and central office facilities and associated OPEX.

The AXOS E3-2 incorporates an environmentally hardened, modular “deploy anywhere design” that can be mounted aerially, on a pole, on a wall, or in a pedestal.  It will support up to 10 gigabits per second (10 Gbps) and higher speed PON technologies in the future.

The AXOS E3-2 introduces a new intelligent strategic location in the network, allowing to move the OLT, routing, and IP policy and accounting functions from the headend or central office toward the subscriber, thereby extending the reach of edge functionality from the data center. This distributed intelligence model, combined with the extended reach of fiber technologies, can catalyze the consolidation of existing facilities – eliminating up to 80 percent – and dramatically reducing the existing operational cost structure of service providers.

“As gigabit services have become the gold standard in highly competitive broadband markets, service providers of all types are looking for new ways to provision network infrastructure to support gigabit services to meet increasing customer demand,” said John Kendall, principal analyst, Connected Home at IHS Markit. “Regardless of platform, service providers are increasingly looking to deploy PON deeper into their networks in order to leverage existing last mile access infrastructure and still deliver symmetrical gigabit residential services. Once deployed, an OLT at this point in the network allows the service provider increased flexibility and control over the configuration of their network infrastructure, allowing for a coexistence with remote PHY architecture and network function virtualization.”

“The AXOS E3-2 Intelligent PON Node uniquely combines best-of-breed influence from the industry with the relentless Calix focus on access network innovation,” said Michel Langlois, Calix senior vice president of systems products. “Today, the E3-2 allows operators to effectively extend the reach of the data center seven-fold and reduce their operational costs by up to 80 percent, while at the same time facilitating the transition to the Software Defined Access revolution of the future. When combined with Compass products like Open Link Cable that allow seamless integration into DOCSIS provisioning systems and existing fiber deep architectures, the E3-2 is unquestionably the transformative vehicle service providers need today to stay ahead of their competition, and the demands of their subscribers.”

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