On Friday, March 6th, the Canadian Federal Government announced the results of their AWS-3 (Advanced Wireless Serviess) Wireless Auction Spectrum Results.  With the government trying to encourage the small carriers to establish a larger footprint, they walked off with the most dramatic wins.

With Mobilicity http://mobilicity.ca  being unable to secure financing for the auction, Wind Mobile http://www.windmobile.com won licences in Ontario, B.C., and Alberta at the reserve price of $56.4 million.  This increases their spectrum holding by 180%.

Eastlink http://www.eastlink.ca spent $10 million to up their spectrum by 77%.  Videotron http://www.videotron.com invested $31.8 million to up their spectrum holding by 65%.

Telus http://www.telus.com and Bell Mobility http://www.bell.ca will spend together about $2 million for the licenses that they won.  Rogers Communications http://www.rogers.com was shut out of the auction.

For the government announcement, see  http://news.gc.ca/web/article-en.do?mthd=advSrch&crtr.mnthndVl=&crtr.mnthStrtVl=&crtr.page=1&nid=944679&crtr.yrndVl=&crtr.kw=wireless+spectrum+auction&crtr.yrStrtVl=&crtr.dyStrtVl=&crtr.dyndVl=

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