TruePulse is searching for 800-0035-01 or DTM-8 modules for Ciena’s Z-Series Packet-Optical Platform.

The 800-0035-01, HECI code WOTRCC6, is a DTM-8 module for Ciena’s Z-Series Packet-Optical Platform.  The DTM-8 is an 8-port 10G transponder module that can encode Ethernet, SONET/SDH, and OTU2 signals into OTN optical channels for DWDM. The DTM-8 also performs as a quad OTU2 regenerator, providing 3R (reshape, retime, retransmit) regen of OTU2 10G transmit signals.   The 800-0035-01 can function as wavelength translator, mapping an incoming 10G signal into a specific 10G DWDM wavelength.

In addition to the 800-0035-01, TruePulse is looking for other Ciena Z-series modules too.  We are also interested in other Ciena optical platforms, such as the CoreDirector, the CoreStream and the CNX-5.

Ciena Corp

Updated April 21, 2020

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