TruePulse would like to acquire 134-0028-951 and 134-0039-950 for the Ciena CoreDirector Multi-Service Optical Switch.

The 134-0028-951, HECI code WMC968E, model number SM-XT-A, is a Ciena CoreDirector Switch Module.  It provides a transparent switch matrix.

The 134-0039-950, HECI code WMI6Y40, model number LM-2-A, is a Ciena CoreDirector Line Module.  It supports up to two 10G Optical Modules. Compatible Optical Modules include OM10G-1550-SS-A, OM10G-1550-S1L-A, OM10G-1550-S2L-A, OM10G-1550-ML-A, OM10G-1550-L2LA and OM10G-WDM1-BN-A.

The CoreDirector Multi-Service Optical Switch delivers a wide range of optical capacities and a variety of protection options. CoreDirector Switches are intelligent optical switches that provide managed capacity and bandwidth density. They provide non-blocking, bidirectional switching capacity that can be configured to switch and groom traffic from any input port to any output port down to the STS-1 level. These switches support OC-3/12, OC-48, OC-192 optical interfaces, STM-1E electrical interfaces and Gigabit Ethernet interfaces. The switch matrix architecture is designed to operate on a single wavelength or the composite signals of a single wavelength.

In addition to the 134-0028-951 and 134-0039-950, we are interested in other Ciena CoreDirector modules too.  We are also looking for modules to other Ciena optical networking systems such as the 6500, the CoreStream, and the 5100 / 5200.

Ciena CoreDirector module

Updated November 25, 2020

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