TruePulse is looking to purchase a Ciena FM-00001-01 162-0003-900 for the DN4100 platform. 

The Ciena FM-00001-01, part number 162-0003-900, HECI code IPI7FG0, is a Ciena DN4100 Cell Forwarding Module.  You may also be familiar with it as the WaveSmith FM-00001-01.

The Ciena Distributed Node (DN) multiservice switch product family is designed to help carriers sustain the growth of their legacy systems, and provide the means to leverage that infrastructure into next-generation IP/MPLS services.

Using the WaveSmith Distributed Optical Backplane, any combination of DN2100s and DN4100s can be interconnected or “stacked” to provide scalability. Shelves can be tied together across different racks up to 50 feet apart using the Distributed Optical Backplane technology which can scale up to 320G bit/sec, supporting hundreds of ports ranging from DS1 to OC-48c. Up to five shelves can be managed as a single switching node. Each connection between shelves supports redundant 30G bit/sec links, fully protected and fully meshed for a total of 60G bit/sec shelf-to-shelf.

In addition to the FM-00001-01, TruePulse is also interested in other DN4100 modules.  TruePulse buys and sells Ciena central office telecommunications circuit boards for most platforms, including for the CoreStream, the CoreDirector, the CN4200, and the Z-Series.


Updated November 12, 2020

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