Earlier today, Ciena unveiled Waveserver, a new DCI (Data Center Interconnect) platform. The product was designed from the ground up for the requirements seen for DCI: metro distances, high speed, and stackable for a small footprint. Ciena claims that with an extremely compact design that helps reduce real estate costs, the Waveserver provides 60 percent more capacity per rack unit and nearly 20 terabits per fiber versus competing available platforms, to support surging bandwidth demands of web-scale data centers.

Up until now, Ciena had been offering the OM6500 platform for DCI requirements.

Ciena is simultaneously launching Emulation Cloud a new, open application development environment designed to allow data center operators, application developers and other third-party developers to create, test and fine-tune customized web-scale applications tailored to their specific needs. Hosted in the cloud,

Francois Locoh-Donou, Senior Vice President, Global Products Group, Ciena said, “The requirements of the new DCI operational paradigm can only be met by introducing new functionalities, tools and capabilities that live and breathe at web-scale. Ciena’s Waveserver encompasses multiple attributes of web-scale IT into the network to handle connections, offer open APIs, and support applications for any bandwidth need between data centers.”

Last February, Cyan announced its N-Series platform for the DCI marketplace. Clearly, there is overlap between the products. With the recent acquisition announcement of Cyan by Ciena http://www.truepulse.com/ciena-buys-cyan-and-blueplanet/, it is not clear how or if the two products would co-exist.

The DCI market is already has several entrants:

For details on the announcement from Ciena, refer to http://www.ciena.com/about/newsroom/press-releases/Cienas-New-Waveserver-Platform-Tackles-Scalability-Space-and-Automation-Challenges-in-Data-Center-Interconnect.html

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