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Earlier today, Cisco Systems announced additions to its Network Convergence System (NCS) 4000 family.  The modifications in its optical transport portfolio address service providers’ challenges of migrating large volumes of profitable time-division multiplexing (TDM) services to an IP/MPLS infrastructure.

Cisco is hoping that Verizon will place a large portion of their next-gen metro network expansion with some of the new products.  Just last week, Ciena made a corresponding announcement competing for the same business.

Included in today’s announcements:

  • Cisco Network Convergence System (NCS) 4200 Series: This system converts TDM services into pseudo-wires that facilitate transport over scalable MPLS core networks.
  • Increased density and flexibility for the Cisco NCS 4000 Series: New, multi-service, pluggable, 400Gps line card that doubles slot bandwidth to 400Gbps, while providing port-by-port, pay-as-you-grow flexibility for OTN, Packet, MPLS and Coherent DWDM service. When deployed in the Cisco NCS 4009 and NCS 4016 platforms, chassis density doubles to 3.6Tbps and 6.4Tbps, respectively. The NCS 4000 Fabric is enhanced to help enable in-service scale from a single Cisco NCS 4000 chassis (6.4Tbps) to a Multi-Chassis solution capable of delivering over 100Tbps of capacity.
  • Increased density and flexibility for the Cisco NCS 2000 Series: New XPonder line card provides 400 Gbps of client and 400 Gbps of trunk capacity to Cisco’s widely deployed optical transport platform. The XPonder supports OTN, packet and coherent DWDM

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