TruePulse is looking to acquire Ciena CNX-5 modules CNXA004AA and CNXA003AB.  You may possibly be familiar with them as the Catena CNXA004AA and the Catena CNXA003AB.

The Ciena CNX-5 provides DSL capabilities to Lucent SLC Series 5 (SLC-5) Digital Loop Carriers (DLCs).  The challenge for service providers is their massive installed base of Lucent SLC-5 supporting POTS services.  Since their deployment, high-speed internet has become a base requirement of today’s homes and businesses.  The CNX-5 enables this by providing DSL capabilities to the SLC-5.  This is done with a simple card for card replacement, maintaining POTS capacity.

The CNXA004AA, HECI code 5SL1EF0, is the DS3 WAN card.  We are also looking for a similar board, the CNXA004AB, HECI code 5SL1EFE.

The CNXA003AB, HECI code 5SL1FGD, is the Fiber ECTU, which is the ATM fabric and fiber node.  We are also looking for a similar board, the CNXA003AA, HECI code 5SL1FG0.

The CNXA004AA and CNXA003AB provide the functions of a full-features ATM mux.  The DS3 config allows the aggregation of multiple CNX-5 systems in a ring or chain topology.

TruePulse buys and sells surplus and used telecom equipment.  In addition to the Ciena CNX-5 / Lucent SLC-5 line, we are interested in other Ciena and other Lucent products too.  Please tell us what you have available. 

Lucent SLC Series 5 (SLC-5) showing Ciena CBX-5 to provide DSL
Lucent SLC-5 with Ciena CBX-5 boards

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