TruePulse is searching for a Collins ES-37D-1 circuit board.

The ES-37D-1, HECI code T3CABM0, is an Alcatel-Lucent Collins RDX-31 Interface Processor Unit. 

The Collins product line has gone through a lot! The Collins Radio Corp. was purchased by Rockwell way back in 1973.  In 1991, Rockwell sold their Network Transmission Systems division to Alcatel.  Alcatel of course merged to form Alcatel-Lucent, which was eventually bought by Nokia. Exactly where support for this product evaporated, I am not sure.  But don’t bother to phone Nokia!

The fact that there is still a demand for the Collins RDX-31 speaks volumes about its resilience.  Long after you would expect them to have been trashed, they are still in service.

In addition to the Collins ES-37D-1, TruePulse is interested in purchasing other Alcatel-Lucent parts.  Furthermore, we are looking for parts from many other Central Office equipment manufacturers, including Westronics, SONUS and Hekimian.

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