Optical transport equipment supplier Coriant has released a new version of its Coriant Transcend SDN Transport Controller focused on addressing multi-vendor, multi-layer networking environments.

“The lack of efficient interworking in multi-vendor transport networks makes it challenging for network operators to meet dynamic, high-capacity service demands in a fast, cost-effective, and profitable way,” said Uwe Fischer, Chief Technology Officer, Coriant. “We’ve taken a highly focused approach to our SDN developments to give our customers the tools to easily apply SDN-enabled automation, programmability, and control to practical applications like rapid service creation in multi-layer IP Optical networks.”

The upgrades include:

  1. Efficient service interworking via support for the IETF RESTCONF interface and YANG data modeling language.
  2. Simplified service provisioning through changes to the platform’s service-level agreement (SLA) based service provisioning engine.
  3. Enhanced resource utilization via an optical impairment-aware multi-layer Path Computation Element (PCE). One can utilize network resources according to service requests and SLA parameters.
  4. Flexible network partitioning thanks to network virtualization and network abstraction.

For more details on the announcement, refer to Transcend announcement

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