TruePulse is looking to source Nortel CPL NTT810CA modules. You may alternately be familiar with it as a Ciena NTT810CA.

The Nortel CPL, or Common Photonic Layer is a DWDM optical line solution.  It is often used in conjunction with the OME 6500.

We are looking to purchase:

The NTT810CA, HECI code WMOMASU, is a Ciena CPL Serial 4 Channel Mux/Demux (SCMD4) module with ingress eVOA.

The NTT810CA, NTT810CB, NTT810CC, NTT810CD, NTT810CE, NTT810CF, NTT810CG, NTT810CH, NTT810CJ are all Serial 4 Channel Mux/Demux (SCMD4) modules. They are similar to the hardware platform of the CMD4, except that the SCMD4 has passive group filters and pass through/upgrade ports for cascading.

The SCMD4 modules incorporate ingress eVOAs for supporting wavelength optimization.

In addition to the NTT810CA module, please let us know if you have any other Nortel CPL modules available.  We are also interested in other Nortel optical platforms, including the OM5200, the OME 6500, the DMS-100, and the OM 3500.  Please tell us about any surplus Nortel central office equipment that you have available.


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