TruePulse is seeking NTR651HJ module for a Nortel CS2000.

The NTR651HJ, HECI code NGC5AAU, is Nortel Succession CS2000 NON-SYS SLT Circuit Pack, NSS (network signalling system), CPCI‐7147 (compact personal computer interface), 1.4GHz, 2GB RAM, HD PMC.  You may alternately familiar with this part as a Genband NTR651HJ or Ribbon Communications NTR651HJ.

Nortel Networks CS2000 provides support of converged carrier networks. Converged networks are managed IP core networks that simultaneously support real-time IP telephony, multimedia and a range of non-real-time data services.  The CS2000 software load includes call processing agents, translations, routing, billing and services software.

The CS2000 is a communication server providing call processing capabilities. In terms of the MEGACO (H.248 media gateway control protocol) network architecture, it provides MGC (Media Gateway Controller) functionality. Together with various types of gateway and server, it can support VoIP (Voice over IP) or VoATM (Voice over ATM), depending on the type of backbone packet network to be used.

In addition to the NTR651HJ, TruePulse is searching for other CS2000 circuit packs as well.  We are also looking for circuit packs to Nortel’s other Media Gateway platforms, including the Media Gateway 9000 and the Media Gateway 4000.

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Updated April 21, 2020

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