An interesting choice for the Lunch-time keynote presenter, immediately following the Regulatory Blockbuster, was WIND Mobile CEO Alek Krstajic.

As expected, Alek talked about the CRTC and Federal Government wanting to introduce a fourth wireless carrier to the marketplace.  Then, he moved on to his theme of “the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” (classic Clint Eastwood).  The ugly referred to an earlier period in Canadian Wireless times when Mobilicity launched a $25/month plan.  That suicidal market initiative, not only almost sunk Mobilicity, it ruined the Canadian wireless market for every player.  It may have been ugly for the wireless players and investors, but consumers most certainly thought it was “the Good”.

Alek wants WIND to be “the” fourth wireless player, but he clearly stated that he understood the Mobilicity lesson.  I am paraphrasing (and perhaps interpreting) here, but he wants to ensure the sustainability of both WIND, and the profitability of the market.  He sent a message to his competitors that he wants to join the party, not scuttle it.

Don’t expect the same cheap plans we saw back in 2010.

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