Former Toronto resident, and Juniper Networks CEO Rami Rahim returned home to speak at the Canadian Telecom Summit.  He talked about the directions of technology today, and his belief in the “Distributed Telco Cloud”.   With customers demanding more dynamic network changes, he felt the key to carrier profitability lied with “Automation”.

Yes, SDN, NFV and virtualization were all important.  But this was only because it led to automation of the network operations.   Juniper coined the term Elastic Service Infrastructure to illustrate the need for instant service provisioning of virtual services across CPE, POP and the Cloud.

The product that they have developed to provide the Elastic Service Infrastructure is NorthStar.  This has moved beyond powerpoint, as they announced that NTT is their launch customer.  And NTT gave a demonstration at the OpenStack Summit in Vancouver just last month.

Juniper appears to be ready to become an SDN player.

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