TruePulse has just received another shipment of DragonWave Horizon Compact, this time CHHP11B1CR1 and CLSP23B3CR1 modules.

The CH-50-HP-11-B1-00-C-R1 is a DragonWave HORIZON COMPACT CHHP11B1CR1 Radio, High, 11 GHz, 50Mbps, Band 1.

The CH-50-SP-23-B3-00-C-R1 is a DragonWave HORIZON COMPACT CHSP23B3CR1 Radio, High, 23 GHz, 50 Mbps, Band 3.

DragonWave’s Horizon Compact is a high capacity, native Ethernet, microwave system. Featuring zero-footprint, the radio and the modem are integrated into one, single, compact, out-door-unit. With 800Mbps capacity, it provides Ethernet backhaul uses for licensed or unlicensed spectrum.

Horizon Compact is a single, outdoor, compact, weatherproof unit requiring no indoor space with optical and electrical GigE interface options.

The Horizon Compact fully supports remote management via in-band or out-of-band management, using SNMP (v3, V2c or V1), CLI and Web GUI. Security is provided with SSH, SSL, and Radius.

Horizon Compact enables bandwidth extensions over extended distances by providing up to 98 dB system gain in its standard power configuration, or up to 108dB in a high power configuration, both of which can support antennas sized up to six feet. This feature combination enables link lengths beyond 50 km/30 mi. In addition, DragonWave’s dynamic modulation allows a link to be engineered to the highest availability, while maximizing throughput in good weather conditions.

In addition to the CH-50-HP-11-B1-00-C-R1 and CH-50-SP-23-B3-00-C-R1, TruePulse has other DragonWave Compact Horizon available too.  We also are interested in other manufacturers telecommunications equipment, including Cyan/Ciena, Nortel, Fujitsu and Newbridge/Alcatel.

CH-50-HP-11-B1-00-C-R1, DragonWave HORIZON COMPACT CHHP11B1CR1 Radio

Updated September 4, 2020

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