We have just received a shipment of DragonWave Horizon Compact CLHP11B1CR1 and CLHP18B1CR1 modules.

The CL-50-HP-11-B1-00-C-R1 is a DragonWave HORIZON COMPACT CLHP11B1CR1 Radio, Low, 11 GHz, 50Mbps, Band 1.

The CL-50-HP-18-B1-00-C-R1 is a DragonWave HORIZON COMPACT CLHP18B1CR1 Radio, Low, 18 GHz, 50 Mbps, Band 1.

DragonWave’s Horizon Compact is a high capacity, native Ethernet, microwave system. Featuring zero-footprint, the radio and the modem are integrated into one, single, compact, out-door-unit. With 800Mbps capacity, it provides Ethernet backhaul uses for licensed or unlicensed spectrum.

Designed as an Ethernet platform, the DragonWave Horizon Compact delivers a wireless GigE/100bT connection of up to 800 Mbps full duplex over licensed or unlicensed frequency allocations. It utilizes a native Ethernet design and ultra-low latency.

The Horizon Compact is a flexible bandwidth radio platform with rapid scalability capabilities. The DragonWave Horizon Compact scales from 10 to 400 Mbps via a software configuration. For higher bandwidth needs, two radios can be polarization multiplexed on a single antenna using a Dual Polarization Radio Mount (DPRM) to provide up to 800 Mbps of capacity in a single link.

The DragonWave Horizon Compact went End of Life in 2018.  DragonWave provides neither technical phone support nor repair services.

Let us know if you interested in the CL-50-HP-11-B1-00-C-R1, the CL-50-HP-18-B1-00-C-R1, or any other DragonWave. By the way, we also stock other telecommunication equipment brands, including Lucent, Nortel, Fujitsu and Alcatel.

DragonWave CLHP11B1CR1

Updated November 25, 2020

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