TruePulse is seeking ERW2, AWP1 and AWP9B for the Lucent WaveStar DACS IV. 

The WaveStar DACS IV is a large-capacity cross-connect system that provides flexible bandwidth management in a SONET environment. The system can be equipped with various transmission interfaces and supports cross connections at broadband and wideband rates. The system also supports grooming and restoration capabilities.

We are seeking WaveStar DACS IV (or DACS 4) boards including:

The ERW2, HECI code T3CPJ50, comcode 108029141 or 108224338, is a DACS IV Interface B Unit.  It may also be known as the AT&T ERW2 or Alcatel-Lucent ERW2.

The AWP1, HECI code T3DA20B, is a DACS IV Circuit Pack.  It may also be known as the AT&T AWP1 or Alcatel-Lucent AWP1.

The AWP9B, HECI code T3PQU0C, is a DACS IV Digital Phase Locked Loop module. It may also be known as the AT&T AWP9B or Alcatel-Lucent AWP9B.

I believe that Nokia no longer provides support for the DACS IV product.

In addition to these modules, we are looking for many other DACS IV cards too.  We are also interested in purchasing parts for other Lucent optical transport systems including the WaveStar OLS 400G, the DDM-2000 and the FT-2000 OC-48 Lightwave System.  We would be interested in knowing about any decommissioned Lucent optical system that you have.


Updated April 28, 2020

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