TruePulse is looking to purchase Lucent FA604 and FA619 circuit packs for the 4ESS.  But you may also be familiar with them as the AT&T FA604 and AT&T FA619, of even under the Western Electric, Alcatel-Lucent or Nokia brands.

Some of the 4ESS boards that we are currently looking for:

FA524           E4PQ00M

FA604           E4PQ08E

FA619           E4PQ09P

FA1194         E4PQ18W

UN596          E4PQAM1

FB38            E4PQAX3

The No. 4 Electronic Switching System (4ESS) is a class 4, or a tandem telephone switch, used to interconnect local exchange carrier offices for long distance communications in the public switched telephone network.  It was introduced by Western Electric in 1976.  Although the 4ESS is in the process of being phased out, some are still in service today.

The 4ESS consists of the 1B processor, the primary controlling processor; the 3B computer and associated attached processor system, that provides disk storage and other functions; and the CNI ring, a group of peripheral processors interconnected serially in a dual-ring configuration, and a 3B20D processor that works in a distributed input/output processing architecture.

In addition to the FA524, FA604, FA619, FA1194, UN596 and FB38, we are interested in other 4ESS circuit boards.  Furthermore, we are looking for modules for circuit boards for other Central Office Voice Switching platforms including the Siemens DCO, the Nortel DMS, the Lucent 5ESS and the Ericsson VSE.  Please tell us about anything that you have available.


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