TruePulse is looking for FB16049B0A, FB16632A and FB16221B4A for the GTD-5. 

The GTD-5 EAX (General Telephone Digital Number 5 Electronic Automatic Exchange) is the Class 5 telephone switch developed by GTE Automatic Electric Laboratories in the 1980s.  It is/was used in the former GTE service areas and by many smaller Independent Telephone Companies.  We are currently looking to purchase:

The FB16049B0A, alternately FB-16409-B0A, HECI code EGPQADV, is a GTD-5 MDC MEM BD CD

The FB16632A, alternately FB-16632-A, HECI code EGPQCB7, is a GTD-5 EXPD CONTR TERMR

The FB16221B4A, alternately FB-16221-B4A, HECI code EGPQAEU, is a GTD-5 STD SVC LN CD

The processing building block of the GTD-5 EAX was the “processor complex”; these were each assigned a specific function within the overall switch design.   These included:

Administrative Processor Complex (APC)

Telephony Processor Complex (TPC)

Base Processor Complex (BPC)

Timeswitch and Peripheral Control Unit (TCU)

Remote Switching Unit (RSU)

Remote Line Unit (RLU)

MultipleXor Unit (MXU)

This equipment was marketed by GTE, and then AG Communications, which was a joint venture between GTE and AT&T.  The AT&T portion ownership was included in the spin-off to Lucent Technologies.

TruePulse buys and sells Class 5 voice switching equipment including the GTD-5, Lucent 5ESS and Nortel DMS-100.  All of these systems are manufacturing discontinued, and have limited value.  However, there is still good demand for “some” of the cards.  If you have any available, please let us know what you have.

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Updated April 28, 2020

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