TruePulse is looking to purchase FC9511MMF1 and FC9511MMT1 cards.  These are part of Fujitsu’s Lightwave Add/Drop Shuttle OC-192 SONET Transport Advanced Multiplexor platform, or simply the FLASH-192.

The FC9511MMF1 is a LR OC-48 Tributary interface.  It has a HECI code: SNCBVAU.

The FC9511MMT1 is also a LR OC-48 Tributary interface. It has a HECI code: SNCBAAV.

The FC9511MMF1 and FC9511MMT1 provide equipment and line protection switching.  They can be used in either the OC-192 Transport Shelf or the Optical Tributary Shelf.  For 1+1 applications: you require 2 per OC-48 protected tributary drop in the OC-192 Transport Shelf, maximum 8 units per shelf.  For 2F-BLSR: you require 8 units per OC-192 Transport Shelf.

Beyond the FC9511MMF1 and FC9511MMT1, we are also interested in other Fujitsu FLASH-192 modules too.

TruePulse buys and sells other Fujitsu optical platforms too, such as the Fujitsu FLASHWAVE 9500 and Fuitsu FLASHWAVE 4500.  Please let us know what you have available.


Updated May 7, 2020

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