TruePulse is looking to source FC9512WF31 and FC9512WF98 modules for the Fujitsu FlashWave 7600.  Note that you may also be familiar with the FC9512WF31 and FC9512WF98 as a FlashWave 3200 product.

We are looking to source:

  • The FC9512WF31, HECI code WMOGADR, is a 10.7G Optical Regenerator for a Flash 7600
  • The FC9512WF98, HECI code WMOGADU, is also a 10.7G Optical Regenerator for a Flash 7600

The Fujitsu FlashWave 7600 DWDM platform has been discontinued.  It provides Self Tuning Network capabilities ensure that the network continuously and automatically adjusts for peak performance to provide service velocity. Its non-restrictive and non-banding wavelength services allows one to add and drop traffic without losing channels or impacting your overall system budget. The FW7600 32-wavelength DWDM node fit in less than two racks and only requires 4.97 watts of power per gigabit.

In addition to the FC9512WF31 and FC9512WF98 modules, we are interested in other FlashWave 7600 modules as well.  We are also seeking modules for other Fujitsu platforms, including the FlashWave CDS, FlashWave 9500, FlashWave 7420 and the FlashWave 4500.  Please let us know what you may have available for sale.


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