Attention Fujitsu Network Flashwave 9500 users!  We have just received a shipment of new/surplus, FC9565TBA1, 10Gbps Transponder.  They have a HECI or CLEI code: WOWUAKV.

For more details on the Fujitsu Flashwave 9500 platform.

Do you have surplus Flashwave 9500 available for sale?  We are always looking to buy.  Right now, we have a need for: FC9565TDA1, FC9565TPE1, FC9565TPE2, FC9565CXF4, FC9565TCA1, FC9565TCA2, FC9565MPE2, FC9565MPC1, FC9565S9B1, FC9565ASC1, FC9565W8C1, FC9565W8A1, FC9565STA2, FC9565SF11, FC9565PEA1, FC9565PEA2, FC9565ETA1, FC95734xxx and FC95742LR4.

Previous Fujitsu inventory announcement

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