TruePulse is looking to purchase FC9565TDA1 and FC9565TDA2 for the Fujitsu FLASHWAVE 9500.

The FC9565TDA1, HECI code WOWUA1Y, description IFP5-TDA1, is a 100G Transponder for a Fujitsu FLASHWAVE 9500.  The FC9565TDA1 is an OTU-4 Full band tunable network interface, with DP-QPSK modulation, using 88-channel (50-GHz) spacing.   It supports High Performance Soft Decision FEC & RS-FEC, and High CD & PMD Tolerance.  The FC9565TDA1 uses CFP transceiver FC95742LR4, HECI code WOTRCE2, which is a 10km, SM device. 

The FC9565TDA2, HECI code WOWUBA1 or WOWUBE3, description IFP5-TDA2, is also a 100G Transponder for a Fujitsu FLASHWAVE 9500.  We do not have the same technical description for the FC9565TDA2, as we do for the FC9565TDA1.  Can you provide it to us?

In addition to the FC9565TDA1 and FC9565TDA2, we are looking for other Fujitsu FLASHWAVE 9500 modules too.  We are also looking for Fujitsu modules for the FLASHWAVE 4500, and the FLASH-192.

Fujitsu FC9565TPE1

Updated May 19, 2020

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