TruePulse is searching for FC9580U825, FC9580G9C1 and FC9580FLX6 for the Fujitsu FLASHWAVE 4500.

The FC9580G9C1, HECI code SOUIAKK, is a FLASHWAVE 4500 Narrowband Tunable OC-192 long-reach C-band (1528–1564 nm) interface unit with LC connectors (88 channels in 50 GHz increments)

The FC9580U825, HECI code SNW5ABA, is a FLASHWAVE 4500 Narrowband Plug-In Interface Unit, 1549.32 nm/193.50 THz, 1549.72 nm/193.45 THz, 1550.12 nm/193.40 THz, 1550.52 nm/193.35 THz

The FC9580FLX6, HECI code SOUIA5B, is a FLASHWAVE 4500 2-port, Single-width, half-height, 100BaseLX with LCAS/FEFI support (SMF)

The Fujitsu FLASHWAVE 4500 Multi-Service Provisioning Platform (MSPP) delivers a full range of services and architectures utilizing SONET and Ethernet technologies:

• Full Line-Rate Gigabit Ethernet provisioning over all SONET/DWDM backbones

• Advanced service aggregation and grooming (DS1, DS3, STS-1, optical and Ethernet)

• Simplified network management and visibility (performance monitoring data)

• Converged data, synchronous and asynchronous networks without using overlay networks

In addition to the FC9580U825, FC9580G9C1 and FC9580FLX6, we are looking for other FLASHWAVE 4500 modules too.  We are also looking for modules for other Fujitsu platforms, including the FLASHWAVE 7500, the FLASHWAVE 7600 and the Lightwave Add/Drop Shuttle OC-192 SONET Transport Advanced Multiplexor.


Updated April 27, 2020

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