TruePulse is searching for FC9685CT40 and FC9685CT99 circuit boards for the Fujitsu FLASHWAVE 7420.

The FC9685CT40, HECI code WOOMAUK, is a FLASHWAVE 7420 10G Core Mux, 10 x Client, 2 x Network XFP

The FC9685CT99, HECI code WOOMANU, is a FLASHWAVE 7420 10-Port GigE/FC/SONET/SDH, 10G Core Muxponder with SFP client IF, GFP-Mux, long reach, C-Band Tunable harmonized DWDM Network IF

The Fujitsu FLASHWAVE 7420 is a Metro/Enterprise WDM Platform suited for applications such as triple play services including VOD, high-performance computing and Storage Area Networks (SANs).  The FLASHWAVE 7420 platform supports point-to-point, linear add/drop and ring topologies across fixed and reconfigurable networks. The platform utilizes ROADM and 100G transport technologies, to increase bandwidth, improve optical performance and support numerous protocols and applications. Optical amplifiers and signal conditioning units enable the creation of networks tailored to individual requirements. Combined with existing support for an optical supervisory channel (OSC) and an embedded communications channel (ECC), the FLASHWAVE 7420 platform offers complete operation and service provisioning capabilities from any node on the network.

In addition to the FC9685N461 and FC9685F310, TruePulse is looking to purchase other FLASHWAVE 7420 modules.  We are also searching for other Fujitsu optical transport system modules, including the FLASHWAVE 9500, FlashWave 4500, the FLASH-192, and the FlashWave 5221.  In fact, please let us know about any surplus Fujitsu FLASHWAVE that you have available.


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