TruePulse is looking to procure FC9695HD32 and FC9695HD62 modules for the Fujitsu FlashWave CDS.

The FlashWave CDS Micro Packet Optical Networking Platform provides high-density, flexible access up to 100G for Ethernet, OTN, SONET and SDH services. It can operate as a standalone, or end to end solution, or even as an extension of the FlashWave 9500 Packet ONP or FlashWave 7500 Metro/Regional Multiservice ROADM.

Specifically, we are looking to procure:

The FC9695HD32, HECI code COUIBA0 / COUIBA0NAD, is a FlashWave CDS 2+16 OTN Muxponder Unit.

The FC9695HD62, HECI code CMUIALL / CMUIALLHAC, is a FlashWave CDS 10x10GE 1xOTU4 Muxponder Unit.

In addition to the FC9695HD32 and FC9695HD62 for the FlashWave CDS, we are looking for other Fujitsu FlashWave modules too, such as the FlashWave 9500, FlashWave 7420, the FlashWave 4500, and the FLASH-192.  Please contact us for an offer on any surplus Fujitsu optical transport equipment that you have available.


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